Soul Light Wisdom

Faith can move mountains  

I have always tried to live with deep faith, knowing that my faith can move mountains, and it has moved several mountains for me.  But over time, I've observed that many people who have said they have faith and practiced their faith by going to church, temple or synagogue, or doing good works, really didn't believe in their faith.  The teaching sounds simple:  (Matthew 17:20-21) "If you have faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed, and you say to this mountain, 'be lifted up and thrown into the sea', even that will happen.  You will have all that you pray for provided you have faith.  Nothing will be impossible for you";  but it's not simple.    

When a person is feeling down, sick, afraid, anxious, unhappy, depressed, unworthy, undeserving, it's difficult to keep the faith.  We are filled with doubt.  It's not easy because all of these feelings are rooted in fear.  In my work with energy medicine and energy healing, I often counsel people on how to change their thought patterns and their persception of the way they view their situation.  I have met many people who say they have faith and yet they don't believe they can be healed and so they are not healed.  It's not easy to change our thought patterns, but the teaching is clear; "Go, .... your faith has healed you."  (Mark 10:52)

My experience and that of my clients shows that sometimes people are not healed because their illness is a powerful witness for others, as it provides an opportunity for others to demonstrate love and compassion, thus healing on a larger scale.  Or, it shows that faith indeed heals the person's illness for their benefit and that of those they serve so that all may see God's awesome power through their healing.  "Woman, you have great faith!  Your request is granted.  And her daughter was healed at that very moment."  (Matthew 15:28) 

In what or whom should we have faith?  Well, some believe you have to have faith in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Buddha, the Lord Shiva, Allah, the Tao, the Source, the universe, have faith in nature, a higher power or in the healing energy of Reiki, etc. Having studied in depth all the religions/faiths of the world, I have concluded that they all have an answer to the question we have about faith, but they don't go far enough to assist in transformation, falling short to help the faithful grow and  experience transformation to the point of becoming the best version of who we are meant to be.  Thankfully, the faithful have found other outlets, gurus, spiritual healers and teachers who  assist in spiritual growth and experience of transformation.  For me, I believe that we must have faith in Love and we must ask for forgiveness.  First, forgive and love yourself, and then, you will be more able to forgive and love others.  It's not easy, we have to work at it and take the opportunity each day brings to look at ourself and the world around us through eyes of love.

So who is love?  What is love?  And why should we believe in love?  Simply put, God is love, Allah is love, Lord Shiva is love, You are love, Everyone you meet is love, all living things are love.  The Sun and the Moon are love, the Oceans, Rivers and Streams are love.  Reiki is love.....etc.  Nothing exists without love.  Love sustains this world.  When there is no love, there is no peace and no harmony.  When we look through the eyes of love, everything changes.  I believe every struggle, every obstacle, every challenging person we encounter is an opportunity for us to practice demonstrating love, to practice kindness and forgiveness.  Sounds easy?   No, it's not.  Trust me, I worked on it for years and it is not at all easy, but it is the only way.  And when you finally begin to transform, little by little, you will see that your entire life is love!  Every breath you take is love, every person, every animal, every flower, every tree, every ocean, every river, every star is love, and it all exists because love sustains it all.

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