Soul Light Wisdom

Holy  Darkness
Darkness is a prerequiste for stepping into the light. We've all gone through things in our life that we don't understand.  A divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, a miscarriage, a friend walked away from the friendship........... We all go through dark places, we all experience the dark night of the soul. But, with the gift of grace, we are able to navigate through the sorrow to a richer, more sacred life and open our hearts wide to allow more love, more compassion, more forgiveness and kindness to rise within us. 
How do we access and integrate these values and live consistently as an expression of love?  In the darkest moments of life, we are forced to go within to the core of our being and uncover a strength we have yet to discover.  In the deepest hour of our darkness, through our pain and loneliness, we are made stronger because we find God there.  In this valley of darkness, if we embrace the blessed night by praying more and drawing closer to God, we experience God's unconditional healing love for us.  It's in this holy darkness that we stretch and grow and develop an unshakeable faith, and we come to feel a sense of goodness, an essential sacredness in each moment.  As we move out of our darkness, we come to experience an empathic resonance and compassion for all others and for all life.  It does take time, but as we work through the pain and see the darkness as a blessing, we relax into the delicious depth and beauty of each moment and situation.  
We can't be the light and hold another in darkness.  We have to allow ourselves to open to the potential of our soul and our soul journey.  We have to allow ourselves to open our heart to the potential of our own light.

Everyday, love asks us to believe in who we are and to always give our greatest kindness in every expression, thought, word and action, first to ourselves and then to all souls.  We're called to live our lives loving and honoring ourselves.  When we love ourselves enough, we will have the strength and courage to look within and find the fear that causes our pain, our insecurity, our anger, and we will heal it.  When we love ourselves completely, we will want to heal and transform everything to the purest love.  It's from this purity, that we become the light that can touch all hearts and souls and bless our families, our loved ones, and all those who come to us seeking healing, blessing and life transformation.  I believe this is the way we heal the separation we all feel from one another and the separation we feel between ourselves and the divine.

Each of us has a great responsibility to serve humanity, and we need to take this responsibility very seriously.  We are called to serve one another through simple acts of kindness, seizing every opportunity to show love, compassion, forgiveness, and offer a helping hand.  When we look at every challenge as an opportunity to soften and be loving, be caring, be kind, be the light in the darkness, humanity will truly be blessed.

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