Soul Light Wisdom

Only Love is Real.  Experience Inner Peace.  ​​

The universe has only one job to do, and that is to return us all to love.  
Not an easy task when so many people live in a world dominated by fear. Our society has been dominated by fear for a very long time, leaving many of us, with a thought system based on fear.  To change a fear based thought system to one based on love takes training.  How do we train our mind to change our mental filter from fear to love?  My experience has proven that it is possible through the power of forgiveness.  When I sought to make forgiveness the basic outlook of my life, practicing it in every situation, the result was an experience of deep inner peace. 

But how do we forgive?  Where do we put our feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal, feelings of abandonment and unjust treatment?  Whenever we are upset with someone, whenever we feel abandoned, betrayed, hurt or victimized, when negative thoughts come up, don't pretend they don't exist, don't deny them, and don't suppress them.  First, allow yourself to feel them, and then, surrender these feelings and thoughts to the Holy Spirit.  
And when you are ready, open yourself to the possibility of changing your focus.  Be willing to see the situation differently.  Be willing to see the situation from a new perspective.  

Whenever we surrender our negative thoughts to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit can then open us up to a new way of looking at the world.  We always have a choice on what we focus on.  Do we choose to focus on the things people did wrong or do we focus on the efforts they made to get it right?  
Do we focus only on the mistakes we made in our own past, or do we focus on the things we got right?

The Spiritual work that we do does make a difference in the world. Whether it is Reiki, Prayer, Meditation, Divine Soul Healing, Shamanism, etc... let us bring our energies together to bring back that sense of oneness, the sense of who we really are - we are pure light.  Our spirtual practices do create change in the physical world and in us. These practices make a difference in us and those around us, and who we become changes the world.  

When you change your perception, you change your reality.  If you would like to open yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and experience transformation, join the discussion in my class, A Course in Miracles, and dive deeper into inner peace.  

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