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You are worthy and deserving of all the goodness the universe has to offer.  It is no accident that you landed on this site.
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Reiki, Medical Reiki, Mobile Reiki, EFT, Tapping, Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing, Meditation, Toronto Reiki, Etobicoke Reiki, Mississauga Reiki, Oakville Reiki, Brampton Reiki, Richmond Hill Reiki, Scarborough Reiki, Vaughan Reiki, North York Reiki, Downsview Reiki

               "Bring light to all souls"
- Matthew 4:16
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Reverend Nita Paulo established Soul Light Healing Ministry in Toronto to heal the soul, mind and body on many levels.

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.®"
- Dr. & Master Sha

  1. I had been looking for a job for over a year, but after a couple of sessions with Rev. Nita and some soul homework, I got a job 3 weeks later and my career has taken off to heights I never imagined. I don't know exactly how all this energy healing works, but it worked for me. Thank you!!! Gen K. Toronto, Canada
  2. I met Rev. Nita when I attended her meditation sessions. They were wonderfully enlightening, peaceful and relaxing experiences where she often took time out to share learnings on Chakras, Crystals and Tapping as well. When I found out she also teaches Reiki, I immediately registered for her classes and am now a Level 2 practitioner. I plan on obtaining Reiki Level 3 with her soon. Already I am able to help myself and my friends, (although nowhere near the level that Rev. Nita is able to help others). I was even able to give distant healing to a friend who was recovering from open heart surgery. Rev. Nita is someone with a generous heart and amazing healing abilities. In classes, she patiently answered our questions, shared her own experiences and listened to ours. Thank you Rev. Nita, for your generosity and friendship. Linda W. Vaughan, ON
  3. Rev. Nita I cannot thank you enough. Through a simple practice of forgiveness I got my best friend back. I practiced everyday and then after 2 months, my best friend who walked out of my life 3 years ago called me out of the blue wanting to resume our friendship. I had not seen or spoken to her in 3 years and then all of a sudden she called to apologize and asked if we could be friends again. Rev, thank you, I had missed my friend so much, we talked and reconciled and are now rebuilding our friendship. Thank you for bringing this beautiful blessing into my life. Maria P. Vancouver, BC
  4. Dear Rev. Nita, thank you. My thyroid issue is completely gone, I don't need to continue with the meds. After 15 years of Thyroid meds, it only took a couple of Reiki sessions and ten months of soul work, and I'm all better. I wish I had met you 15 years ago, but I'm so glad to know you now. My doctor has no words to explain how I got better, but he says I don't need the meds anymore. Thank you for caring. Julie T. Montreal, Quebec
  5. Rev. Nita has changed my life. My husband and I tried IVF for 8 years and spent a lot of money trying to get pregnant. I had 5 miscarriages and wasn't able to carry the baby to term. After a couple of sessions of Reiki with Nita and the soul work she asked me to do, I was pregnant 4 months later. Nita I can never thank you enough. Meeting you has brought so many blessings into my life, I am so grateful that our paths crossed. My son is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa D. Toronto, Canada.
  6. 5 years of IVF, 4 miscarriages, in debt and no baby. I was miserable, depressed and had given up hope. I was referred to Rev. Nita and everything changed. She had me do soul work which wasn't easy and I didn't see what it had to do with my difficulty in getting pregnant, but somehow she knew. After a couple of sessions of Reiki and completing my soul work, I was pregnant within 2 months. Nita is an angel sent by God to bless me and my husband with the most precious gift, our daughter. Thank you, for your open heart and your compassion Nita. I love you! Jen G. Mississauga, Ontario
  7. Rev. Nita helped me with my anxiety. I was anxious all the time about so many things in my life and Nita introduced me to tapping and I feel a lot calmer now. I learned that my anxiety was rooted in fear about my job and finances and providing for my kids, but now everything is fine. I feel more relaxed and at peace and on days when I don't, I just tap for about 10 - 15 mins while saying the phrases Nita prepared for me and I feel better. Thanks Rev. Joe S. Oakville, Ontario.
  8. I had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was referred to Rev. Nita for Reiki. In consultation with my doctor I began Reiki treatments to help me relax and cope with my chemo and radiation. Long story short, I scheduled 2 hour Reiki treatments, 5 days per week and after 8 weeks I was cancer free with no tumors to be found. It's been quite the journey and having Rev. Nita at my side through what I often thought was the end, brought me great comfort, peace and healing that I never expected. Rev.........Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Bob W. Toronto, Canada
  9. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure caused by the toxin renin being excreted from my kidney. The specialist told me that my options were to remove the small kidney that was only functioning at 10% and causing this issue or to take high blood pressure meds for the rest of my life. I chose to take the 4 pills per day. Immediately I began Reiki treatments with Nita once per week and 2 months later my medication was reduced to 2 pills per day. I continued with Reiki for another month and the Kidney specialist further reduced my meds to 1 pill per day. I continued with Reiki and Soul Healing and a special Crown Chakra blessing and 12 months since I was first diagnosed and I now take only half a pill per day. I expect to be free of the daily half pill very soon. Rev....thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I love you!!!! KP. Toronto, Ontario
  10. I had been experiencing stomach pain for months with no real diaganosis. My friend referred me to Rev. Nita for Reiki. I had never heard of Reiki, but was desperate for relief from the pain. After the 4th session I no longer felt any pain or discomfort. Reiki really works and I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks Rev. Pat W. Scarborough, Ontario
  11. I had been having trouble sleeping for several months, and I didn't want to take sleeping pills, so my friend recommended me to Nita. I had never heard of Reiki or energy healing, but was willing to try it. Wow, after the first session I only got up once during the night instead of the usual 4 or 5 times. After the second session I slept through the entire night. I saw Nita a couple more times and now I sleep very deeply. Thank you Nita, you've given me back my sanity. Bill L. Scarborough, Ontario
  12. My wife and I decided we were fed up and wanted to finally get serious about our health. We both needed to lose 50 lbs, but nothing we tried worked. Then we met Nita and she said that if we were really committed, she had a plan to help us. It wasn't a diet, she called it a new way of eating. It wasn't easy, but we followed the 21 day introductory to this new way of eating, along with learning to tap our meridian points and do meditation when we were tempted to give up and no lie, in 21 days I lost 15 lbs and my wife lost 12 lbs. We continued with the plan for another 10 months, checking in weekly with Nita and I've lost 52 lbs and my wife lost 44 lbs. We feel healthier than we have in years. Nita, thank you! We've made this new way of eating our new lifestyle and now we're in maintenance mode. Thank you! Walter and Elizabeth H. Hamilton, ON
  13. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to use a natural remedy and avoid chemo and radiation. I was referred to Nita and she taught me to do some practices and she used Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing. It was so soothing and peaceful that I felt transported to a beautiful place high in the mountains. Nita alternated with Soul Healing one day and the next day it was a 2 hour Reiki session with Soul work assigned for homework. This went on for about 16 weeks and when I saw my oncologist he told me the cancer was completely gone, there was no trace of it. It was a scary time in my life and it was wonderful to have Nita's support. She was kind and generous and her calm, peaceful disposition was very comforting. She has a very loving touch and a beautiful voice. Thank you Rev, you're amazing!! Carla R. Brampton, ON
  14. I am lucky to be Rev. Nita's co-worker. I have the luxury of enjoying her wonderful and most energizing lunch-time meditation sessions and Reiki shares at work. What an amazing way to relieve stress, recharge your "batteries" and be more productive for the rest of the day! I have also completed 3 levels of Reiki courses offered by Nita and I am now a Level 3 Practitioner. I enjoy doing Reiki on myself, my family, my friends and even my cats. Reiki classes with Nita have been the most amazing experience I ever had and I will be taking the Master level in the near future. Rev. Nita creates a unique atmosphere of sharing love, peace of mind and happiness in her classes and her knowledge of Reiki and various spiritual practices is vast. Thank you Nita for your big heart and generosity. I am looking forward to the Master level and more activities with you! Alla R. Vaughan, ON
  15. Nita basically saved my life. I was feeling very lost.......I'd had some bad experiences and didn't know where to turn. I was even thinking it wasn't all worth it anymore, but a friend suggested I contact Nita. I went to see her even though I was feeling very nervous. She listened to me and she really cared about what I was going through. She is amazing, she told me something that changed everything. It was a brand new perspective, one I hadn't ever thought of before. This new way of looking at my situation made me feel completely different about myself and my future. She then gave me homework - "soul work", and 6 months later I was pregnant. I now have two beautiful little girls - twins!!! Rev, you helped me turn everything around. I am now deliriously happy and have better tools to help me cope. Thank you my love, you are precious to me. Amy L. Montreal, Quebec
  16. Dear Rev. Nita, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You may not believe this, but after our soul healing session last week, my entire life has changed. Things that once seemed so confusing are clearing up. New opportunities seem to be coming my way effortlessly. It seems I just needed to hear what you said, at the right time. Thank you again, for pointing me in the right direction. You have a true gift and an amazing voice that transported me to a beautiful, beautiful place. My soul feels free, much lighter and my heart is more open. Bless you! Angela S. Montreal, Quebec
  17. Nita's Soul Healing Sessions are amazing! So peaceful and healing. The "Love, Peace, Harmony" song was very calming and peaceful, it's just what I need in my hectic life, time to rest and calm down. Nita thank you for the gift of the CD and for showing me where to get Master Sha's download of the song. I've downloaded it at home so it's always playing in the background. More importantly, having "Love, Peace and Harmony" playing all the time has done wonders for my 4 kids!!! It has soothed the fighting and arguing that often happens with siblings. Also, they often ask me to play the CD whenever we're in the car...... and that is a Godsend. Our long distant car rides are now blissful, peace and harmony!!!! Thank you sweetheart, you have given me a miracle!!! The energy work you do is such a blessing!!!! Lu La Li !!! With gratitude and love, Rosa T. Woodbridge, ON
  18. I am Rev. Nita's co-worker and have the privilege and honour to be included in her lunch time meditation sessions. Her generosity and availability with her time impressed me to begin with. Attending her meditation sessions, I realized the positive energizing effect they had on my well being for the rest of the day. One of the most amazing was the Chakra Clearing meditation. Nita's calm, soothing voice, and the vivid imagery she guided us through was so powerful that at the end of the session I was in a state of grace so deep that I couldn't go back to work right away, I had to go for a walk by the lake to take in the amazing experience. I continue to use her teaching when I need to relax and center myself. Thank you again Nita for your unconditional acceptance of who each one of us is and for selflessly helping and guiding us. Irina Z. Toronto, ON
  19. Rev, you made our family whole again. We lost our daughter to the streets of Toronto when she was a teenager. For 6 years, we never knew where she was or if she was alive. With your counseling and soul healing,we did the forgiveness practice you taught us. We did it every day, and 11 months later, our daughter contacted us out of the blue. We couldn't believe when she called to say she wanted to see us. And now, we are communicating and visiting with our daughter with the help of a youth counselor and we couldn't be happier. Thank you for helping us clear the way for our daughter to come back to us. Nita, you truly are an angel of healing. Love you so much. Bev and Tom V. Ontario
  20. Reiki is amazing! My husband and I were referred to Nita for Reiki sessions to help us deal with stress, but every time she came over to our house, the dogs would not leave her alone. They both wanted to be near her, they would put their heads under her hands, it was like they knew and felt the Reiki energy in her hands. Each time we booked a session for ourselves we also booked a session for both dogs. Nita is so wonderful with them! She sits on the floor and they both sit right beside her, and as soon as she puts her hands on their heads, it's like they're smiling. You can see them relax and take it all in. It's so wonderful, the whole family is relieved of stress in one visit. Nita, your healing hands are a blessing. Thank you. Ingrid and Peter R. Georgetown, ON
  21. I had never heard of Reiki, but a friend suggested I try it and referred me to Nita because she has helped many women conceive. I'm in my 40's and have tried IVF, but I had 2 miscarriages and a couple of times my eggs just didn't take. I was running out of time and so I saw Nita for a Reiki session. It was very relaxing and helped me relieve stress. Wow, I still can't believe it, but 4 Reiki sessions, "soul" homework every day, and 3 months later, I was pregnant. We have our beautiful son now and I'm still in awe of how this all came about. Nita didn't just help me get pregnant, she also helped me heal on such a deep level, it's beyond words. Nita, I can't thank you enough for helping us conceive and deliver our beautiful son and for helping my soul heal. We are so blessed to have met you, and are forever grateful for your gift. Thank you! M & J. Mississauga, ON
  22. We tried IVF for several years, but I couldn't carry the baby to term. I met with Nita to see if she could help. It was very difficult to hear that I was blocking myself from having a baby. I had bi-weekly counselling and Reiki sessions with Nita and she also assigned "soul" homework. The homework was difficult to complete. It left me in tears and emotionally drained, but I trusted Nita that this was healing and opening me up to receive the beautiful baby that was just waiting for me to be ready to receive her. And just like Nita said, I was pregnant 4 months later. We had a beautiful baby girl, and we thank God everyday for this miracle. Nita is very loving. Her gentle counsel and guidance heals and restores life. I am so grateful for Nita's help and recommend her to everyone! With love and gratitude, Jen and Mike H. Toronto, ON
  23. I had been in my job for several years, and wanted to move out of my current division and be promoted. I tried for several years, but couldn't get ahead. A friend suggested I see Nita because she had helped so many people switch jobs and get promoted to a higher position with increased pay level. Sounds weird, but she had me meditate and taught me to change my thought patterns. I also booked a couple of soul healing sessions with her and did the "soul homework" she assigned and 10 weeks later I was promoted within the same company. Nita thank you for the "magic", you're amazing. I've recommended you to to several of my friends as you know and continue to do so. God Bless you. You have a gorgeous soul! Gary L. Toronto, ON
  24. I could thank Nita a hundred times a day and that still wouldn't be enough to sufficiently express my gratitude! I was in a state of constant negativity and felt depressed all the time. Finding Nita was such a blessing. She took the time to listen and make me feel at ease. Through her healing touch, guidance and soul work, I was able to successfully re-frame my thinking and change my life! Also, with Nita's help I was finally able to maintain a pregnancy. Now I have the most amazing sweet baby girl and I'm enjoying a beautiful life! Rev, you are an amazing healer. You helped me heal on so many levels. I am forever grateful! Martha B. Oakville, Ontario
  25. Rev. Nita is a superb healer and a deeply compassionate intuitive. She has my highest recommendation. Her deep intuition, vast knowledge, and experience from her own journey created a beautiful opportunity for me to heal. Her generosity of information has been invaluable to me. In just a few sessions I found myself sleeping most nights through the night, which hadn't happened for two years. My digestion has settled and I no longer have heart palpitations. Nita is a gifted healer who empowers you to heal on the deepest levels through easy practices. Working with Nita has restored my belief that I can have a healthy life again. I feel a renewal of energy and spirit. Nita has my complete trust and my deepest gratitude. Joan S. Orangeville, ON
  26. I didn't think long distance healing would work, but I tried it and I was so surprised. I sat in my comfy chair with lights dimmed and waited to receive Reiki at the prearranged time. 5 minutes into the session I began to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. A few minutes later I felt waves of heat throughout the left side of my body. Within 10 mins I could feel a weird sensation in my right ear. It felt like bugs crawling out of my ear. It was tingling and the sensation got so strong I had to stop to clean out my ear. The session was so incredible that I was free of any vertigo symptoms for 10 months. I had a few more sessions and my vertigo symptoms are almost non-existent. Thank you Nita. It is wonderful to be free of the terrible dizziness associated with Vertigo. AP. Ontario
  27. I heard that Reiki helps women who have difficulty getting and staying pregnant so I booked a session with Nita. She assigned "soul" homework and I had a few more Reiki sessions. When in Chicago for IVF, I was nervous and asked Nita to do distant Reiki before my appointment. It was amazing. I could feel waves and waves of heat throughout my whole body and a tingling sensation. I was so calm after this session that when I went for the IVF procedure, I just concentrated on the warm, wonderful feeling of Reiki and I was fine. One week later we found out the pregnancy took and 9 months later I gave birth to our beautiful little girl. Nita, thank you. Every time we look at our precious daughter we remember the miracle you helped us create. Thank you sweetheart for your beautiful healing hands. Jen and Mark M. Oakville, ON
  28. Rev. Nita is amazing. She listens on a very deep level. She saw and felt what I was feeling and she acknowledged me without judgement. She supported me on a real soul-to-soul level. She taught me how to hope again, and how to have faith again. She made hope real for me. She saw me and heard me. Nita made me feel like I mattered. She's a good listener and she cares so much. After every session with her I felt stronger and more confident. She helped me find myself again, helped me find my purpose. I am so thankful to have found Nita. I had lost so much of myself over the years and she brought back a part of me that had been lost for a very long time. Nita helped me find my life again and I am so very grateful. With gratitude and thanks, Lisa G. Mississauga, ON
  29. I met Nita at the hospital. She was working with another cancer patient who was receiving chemo. I found out that Nita is the only Medical Reiki Master in Toronto and she is also a Soul Healer. I asked if she would take me on as a client and she agreed. One year into my retirement I was told I have liver cancer. Nita alternated between Divine Soul Healing one day and Reiki on the next day. I saw her 5 times per week for 2 hour sessions and lots of soul homework and 4 months later my doctors told me the tumor was gone and I was cancer free. How amazing that simple "soul homework" and divine energy healing could result in such good news. Nita, I cannot thank you enough. Your healing hands are amazing!! I now get to enjoy more years of retirement fun with my wife. Thank you so much, you are a sweet, sweet lady Nita!!! John A. Etobicoke, ON
  30. Rev, thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety. I didn't think you'd be able to help me because I was so paralyzed and unable to function, but your simple techniques were easy to do and in a matter of weeks I was able to function better. With your gentle and compassionate counsel I'm now able to go back to work and function normally throughout the day. Nita I am very grateful for your kind heart. Thank you for teaching me the skills I need to live a life without panic and anxiety. Brenda T. Mississauga, Ontario
  31. I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of liver cancer. I decided to do the chemo treatment, but was also referred to Nita for Reiki. I had 2 hour Reiki sessions 4 times per week. I would go for Reiki the day before my chemo treatments and again right after chemo and sometimes even during chemo. Nita also taught me how to meditate and to do forgiveness practices. The week always ended with a soul healing session. After 14 weeks of Reiki, soul healing and a lot of "soul" homework, my doctor told me the tumor was completely gone. I recommend Nita to anyone going through cancer treatments because she is an amazing healer!!! I did not experience any of the side effects of chemo! Nita's healing sessions are so calming and peaceful, and her gentle guidance so uplifting - I experienced heaven. Nita is a gifted healer! Andy B. Georgetown, Ontario
  32. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I have young children and the thought of not seeing them grow up was terrifying. I did everything to get better including chemo and radiation, but the most effective treatment was my sessions with Nita. I had 2 hour Reiki sessions 4 times per week and a lot of "soul" homework. When I got tired and depressed, Nita was my champion! She had enough faith for both of us. She encouraged me, gave me strength and lifted me up when I was at my lowest. Her belief and faith helped me through it all! It took 2 months for the tumors to finally shrink and they kept shrinking. 8 months to the day I met Nita, my oncologist told me I was cancer free. Nita's support through this entire journey was life changing!!! Nita, thank you for your unwavering faith, strength and encouragement!! T.J. Brampton, Ontario
  33. I've been taking thyroid medication for about 20 years. I was referred to Nita for an unrelated matter which was healed within 6 weeks, but more importantly, my thyroid was also healed. I had only 5 or 6 Reiki sessions and a lot of "soul" homework and within a few months my doctor lowered my thyroid medication. Then a few more months later he lowered the meds again. Finally, after 8 months of continued "soul" homework, I no longer needed thyroid medication. My doctor was surprised that monthly Reiki sessions and creative soul exercises healed my thyroid. He's still questioning what actually healed my thyroid!!! Nita, thank you so much for your healing sessions and guidance with the homework. Who'd believe that such simple techniques would heal a 20 year old issue. You're amazing!! Thank you! Adele G. Mississauga, Ontario
  34. I had stage 4 cancer and told I had 6 - 12 months to live. The cancer was in my brain, lungs and liver. While receiving chemo and radiation one of the other patients referred me to Nita and told me she would for sure be able to help me. I arranged a meeting with her and within an hour she had a whole program for me to follow with the chemo and radiation. I met with Nita 4 times per week for Reiki sessions, meditation and other positive, life affirming practices. Nita explained how energy healing worked and how important it was to complete the soul homework everyday. I followed all of Nita's instructions and within ten months, the cancer was completely gone. Nita, your energy healing expedited my recovery! You are definitely an earth angel. I trust you with my life and give you my highest recommendation! Thank you angel! Charles J. Burlington, ON
  35. Nita uses her empathic nature to heal those around her. She sees with her heart and teaches from the heart. She is deeply connected to the Spirit and truly walks in the path of the Spirit. She is passionate about helping people reconnect with and heal their soul in order to improve every aspect of their body - emotional, mental and physical. She's helped me to navigate my life with more wisdom and clarity, and I've experienced tremendous well-being. I recommend Nita to everyone who is looking to improve their lives on all levels. She intuitively knows what we need and lovingly offers to channel healing energy to all who want to receive and experience healing. Thank you Nita! You've changed my life in so many wonderful ways, I am grateful to have you in my life. Maria K. Oakville, ON
  36. Miss Nita is very nice. She helped me with my anxiety. She taught me to meditate and to do tapping to help me feel less nervous. I also had a few Reiki sessions with her and it was nice. I felt very calm and relaxed and I slept very deeply in the night. I am very grateful to Nita for helping me. I am feeling much better with more calm and more peaceful. When I talk to her is like talking to an angel. It is very peaceful to be with Nita. I am glad she help me. Elsa T. Scarborough, ON
  37. I met Nita in the Emergency Veterinary Hospital when my dog, Rusty walked straight to her and put his head under her hand. She was sitting in the waiting room wearing her scrubs, I thought she was a doctor. While she waited to go into the triage area to do Reiki, she obliged Rusty and gave him Reiki and immediately I saw Rusty's labored breathing become normal again. Every few minutes Rusty would turn wanting Nita to put her hands on his hips. It was like he was guiding her to the areas of all his aches and pains. When it was time for Nita to leave to go see her client, Rusty licked her hands in thanks and was very cooperative with the vet. Rusty has arthritis and we have since been seeing Nita weekly to manage his pain. Rusty loves her and looks forward to having Reiki sessions. It seems to help relieve his pain and I am so grateful. Andrew C. Guelph, ON
  38. I met Nita almost a year ago. That night, I didn't know I was with an angel. I had a lot of anxiety and stress regarding medical issues and just life stress in general. I went to see her a few times for Reiki and just entering in her home, I started to feel so peaceful. Now when I see myself getting stressed, a lot of times I find that just thinking of Nita really helps me to calm down. For me, she has become a friend. Thank you Nita for being there for me. Lisa Marie R. Montreal, Quebec
  39. Rev, you have my highest recommendation! You said Reiki would be a complimentary therapy for my cancer treatment and you were right. I did not experience any side effects of chemo and radiation and Reiki greatly reduced my pain level! I was skeptical at first, but you made me a believer. I looked forward to seeing you every other day knowing that my stress and worry would disappear. Within 12 months, Reiki and the soul homework really changed me both with physical healing and with healing my mind and my perceptions. You've helped me open my mind and heart to my own power and the purpose of my cancer journey. I experienced such deep healing! Thank you Nita. Maddie C. Vancouver, BC
  40. My life is completely different since I began having sessions with Nita. She helped me heal on so many levels, healing many issues from my past and releasing deep beliefs that have been negatively impacting my life. Nita's compassion, insight, and talent to work with energy brought me tremendous guidance and has enabled me to profoundly change certain areas of my life. Nita has a wealth of information and insight and her ability to see and deal with energies has helped me become a better person. My healing sessions with Nita have been a deeply transformative experience and I am so grateful to have found such a powerful healer. Nita, I appreciate you, and recommend you to everyone I know! Joyce B. Brampton, Ontario
  41. Nita, words don't seem adequate enough to thank you and tell you how absolutely profound our sessions have been. It's as if no one has really understood what I've been struggling with until you came along. I am thrilled that I found you. You are very easy to talk to, empathic and very gentle. I felt very safe, relaxed and comfortable during our sessions, as you are a very calm, reassuring, compassionate, patient and loving soul. Nita you have such a gift and a giving heart, I highly recommend you to all my friends. Thank you for changing my life! Ruth D. Oakville, Ontario